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Dictionary of Units
This dictionary provides an account of the principal units of measurement to be found in use around the world today, and the conversion factors often needed to change them into 'standard' units of the SI system.
It is divided into two parts:
Part 1
[70 k]
deals mainly with the conversion of measures in one system to their equivalent values in another system. The necessary factors are given to a high degree of accuracy, and there is also access to a wide range of on-line calculators to automate the process.
Part 2
[50 k]
gives a full account of the three principal systems, their definitions, relationships and development, with some guidance on their rules and usage. There are also references to other sources in books and on the Web.
and there is also the -
[30 k]
which deals with some additional matters of interest related to units, and about which queries are frequently received.

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