After the publication of
The Diary of a Nobody (in 1892)
the matter rested for nearly 90 years until . . .

Mrs Pooter's Diary
Keith Waterhouse
was published in 1983

Some idea of the relevance of this diary to the original
may be gained from these extracts from the later work.

Introduction by Mrs. Charles Pooter
I have discovered (although he does not yet know that I know!) what it is that my husband does in the quarter-of-an-hour before retiring each night. If he may entertain hopes of publishing a diary, then so may I after all, it is not as if my dear Charlie were a 'Somebody' whose thought and impressions are any more profound or worthwhile than the next person's. He is, alas, thanks to the good nature that holds him back, no more of a 'Somebody' than is
Mrs Charles Pooter
The Laurels,
Brickfield Terrace,

Chapter 1 (April 3rd - April 8th)
We move into our new home overlooking the railway, and I resolve to make the best of it Mrs Borset leaves her card I return her call and order some butter The sash cords go unattended to while Charles worries unduly about the scraper We are snubbed by the vicar

Chapter 2 (April 9th - April 18th)
I engage extra staff The hashed mutton comes to grief My husband for once stands up for himself The Misses Tipper inspect the house Charlie instrumental in spoiling a bunch of ladies' fingers, whose poor qualities he then criticises I worry about his drinking

Every bit as enjoyable as the original.
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