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Index to Searches and Crossums
Word Searches
This form of puzzle is very familiar from puzzle magazines, but this particular collection is concerned only with mathematical words and, as well as the conventional form, also presents them in other ways.
Table Searches
Following on from the idea of a Word Search these require the basic statements of the multiplication tables (2 to 9) to be found.
Total Searches
Building on the ideas of Word Searches, this presents yet more arithmetic practice in the form of puzzles. A square array of numbers and symbols is given, and as many expressions as possible, which work out to produce a particular total, have to be found.
Small Sum Searches
Similar to the previous, but only addition and subtraction are used and the answers are in a much more restricted range, from 5 to 20.
Miscellaneous Searches
A mixture of Searches: Table numbers in words (English and Foreign); Sequences; Polygons.
These are based on the same general idea as crossword puzzles except that,
in this case, the clues are all 'sums' of one sort or another.
Set B
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (individually and mixed) using whole numbers and decimals.
Set C
Similiar to Set B but, in this case, an understanding of inverse operations is called for as well.
Set D
Changing Roman from/to Base 10 numbers, and Binary from/to Base 10 numbers. Also sums in both Roman and Binary number systems.
A set of Blanks which teachers, or pupils, can use to generate their own puzzles.

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