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Index to Codes & Ciphers Material
For ease of use, this has been divided into sections as listed below, together with a brief description of their purpose and content. The [size] of each is given in kilobytes as guide to downloading times.
Each requires the use of an Acrobat Reader to allow it to be viewed and printed out.
[60 k]
Essential reading whether using just a part or the whole of this material. Includes a short vocabulary with some definitions, and a list of some well-known names in the history of cryptology. There is also list of further sources of information.
Scrambled Messages
[30 k]
How an ordinary message can re-arranged, in an orderly manner, so as to make it very difficult to read.
Buried Messages
[40 k]
Disguising a message so that it does not even look as though it contains any secrets.
Coded Messages
[20 k]
Using a code allows messages to be hidden and shortened at the same time.
Simple Cipher Messages
[70 k]
Hiding the messages by substituting other letters for those of the original text
Addition Ciphers
[20 k]
Using numbers and some simple arithmetic to hide a message
Multiplication Ciphers
[20 k]
How more complex arithmetic processes bury the messages even deeper.
Rotor Ciphers
[70 k]
Mechanical enciphering with a (very!) simplified paper model of the Enigma machine.
[40 k]
The science (or is it an art?) of breaking cipher messages, allowing them to be read without knowing the keyword or its equivalent.
Other Systems
[50 k]
Accounts of some other methods for creating ciphers.
Public Key Ciphers
[60 k]
How one particular modern cipher system (RSA) works, and can be made widely available to all, whilst retaining its security.
Additional Materials
[40 k]
While all sections contain their own support materials, this has a few more general items.
The Small Code Book
[40 k]
An abbreviated code book which can be printed out and assembled.
For use with Coded Messages (above).
Display Material
[70 k]
Diagrams suitable for making ohp slides or even projected directly onto a suitable screen or whiteboard.
The Gold Bug
[80 k]
The famous short story by Edgar Allen Poe about cipher breaking which was the first account to appear in a work of fiction.
The Dancing Men
[80 k]
The story of how Sherlock Holmes broke a symbol cipher.
The Enigma Machine
[50 k]
Picture of the most well-known ciphering machine
The SIGABA Machine
[330 k]
Picture of the US equivalent of the Enigma machine.
The British TypEx machine was similar to this one.
The Hagelin Machine
[80 k]
Picture of the Hagelin M209 machine.
This was a portable (purely mechanical) enciphering machine.
[20 k]
Available yes, but a password will be needed to read this file.

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